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Samhain 18

Posted on: 10 Oct 2018

Samhain 18

This year the Samhain 18 Festival has teamed up with the Clonakilty Arts Festival to bring the most spectacular festival to Clonakilty town from Thursday 1st of November until Sunday 4th of November.

​It will be a weekend full of the most amazing events, music, theatre, performances and dance. The highlight will be a spectacular street parade on Sunday evening through Clonakilty town.

This years festival theme is “Away with the Faeries” and the parade will showcase figures, creatures and mythologies of the 4 different fairy realms of Celtic mythology. The parade will have 4 different sections, each representing a different “realm” associated with one of the elements water, fire, earth and wind. The parade will set off on Astna Square and move through the main street of Clonakilty on to “Emmet Square” where we will assemble for a massive drum and fire show.  

Samhain is one of the 4 traditional Celtic festivals (besides Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasa), that celebrates the Celtic New Year and the beginning of winter. It marks the end of the harvest time and the entering into the darker months. It is believed that at Samhain the boundary between this world and the Otherworld can be crossed more easily and its easier for the “Aos Sí”, the 'spirits' or 'fairies', to come into our world.

Come along and celebrate Samhain 18 with us.

Allow yourself to be moved through the veils and enchanted by everything wordly and otherworldly you might encounter.


We stayed in Clonakilty for 4 nights and loved it. So much to do. Beautiful beaches. Lovely pubs and such friendly people! Can't wait to come back!

Denise Lemmon Brown

A charming, yet cosmopolitan little gem, set in a stunningly beautiful part of the Emerals Isle. Great food, friendly people with immense sense of civic responsibility. Do not miss the music scene.

Jim Shine

I love Clonakility! Whenever we visit the Cork area we can't resit a stop off! Great Cafes & Restaurants. Very Pretty Town, bustling with life and Activity!!!!

Mary Sheridan Galway

A great town vibrant and pretty. Always plenty to do. Always clean and with the most friendly people. A must visit for both visitors to Ireland and native Irish. Great pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Michael McKenna

The most vibrant small town in Ireland. Always something happening. Great food, great atmosphere, lovely people.

Alison Wickham

We found Clonakilty to be one of if not the friendliest place we've ever visited. The people of "Clon " treated us like we had lived there our whole lives.They welcomed us into their lives like we were family.

Mitch Eveleth Iowa, USA

Great town ."The people are Splendid" to use a quote of the towns most Famous famous residence Michael Collins. The food and choice of food is excellent, the layout of the town with it meanderingĀ streets creates an intimacy with this place.

Michael McManus

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