De Barras Folk Club
Ireland's Number 1 Folk Club
55 Pearse St., Clonakilty
023 8833381
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“There’s Carnegie Hall, The Royal Albert, Sydney Opera House and then there’s De Barra’s,” Christy Moore, (August 2003)

“It is the presence of an unlikely musical venue that makes Clonakilty truly special; however to cross the well worn threshold of the shy and rather retiring De Barra’s Folk Club is to enter into a world full of possibilities. The possibility that anyone, literally anyone, might ramble in off the street and do a few tunes.”
Mark Mc Devitt, (Irish Examiner 2000)

”All music is ‘Folk’ Music, I ‘aint never heard a horse sing a song!’ Louis Armstrong

De Barras Folk Club
  • De Barras Folk Club
  • De Barras Folk Club

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